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Aurea 5 Tech Innovation is a specialized company in Sports Tech sector. Our main goal is industrializing sports world, both amateur and professional level. For this, our team works every day with data bases, cloud computing, apps, wearables and more utilities that allow improve the sport activity. Furthermore, we own a training zone for those athletes who cooperate with our projects.

Working on our goals


In Sports Tech Innovation Aurea 5 are focused every day in achieve our main goals and that’s the reason why we always work with a mission in our mind, a vision and values that guide us in the process to conquer our objectives:


Sports Tech Innovation Aurea 5 was born with a mission, managing the professional and amateur sports as an industry. That means a professionalization and digitalization in all areas involved in our process and operations, with a continue development in I+D+I. This is our goal in short, medium and long term in our company.



Healthy lifestyle promotion through formation and continue adaptation to new technology and information systems are essential in our activity. From these fundamental pillars we are growing and expanding in a healthy and solid way.



Sports Tech Innovation Aurea 5 emerges in a business development inside an excellence academic environment like IE Business School. Therefore, the people and his continue education, innovation, quality, integrity, team work, client attention and goals orientation are our hallmarks. “We are different because we do things different”.

IS/IT Auditor

Altia Consultores

Founded in 1994, Altia develops his activity in Information and communication technologies. Their activities are oriented to come up with solutions that allow an improvement of productivity, quality, services and results in all economic system sectors.


New Media adviser


Carlos Toural

Phd. in Communication science, Carlos Toural Bran is an investigator in Santiago de Compostela University about new media, social media and sport information, field in which he did his doctoral thesis. Furthermore, in his teaching and investigating work, participates as a speaker in social media, new narratives and digital journalism courses.

IS/IT Adviser

Enrique Dans

In his job as an investigator, divulgator and adviser, Enrique Dans studies the technology effects in people, companies and all the society. In addition, in his teaching activity in IE Business School, Enrique works with some startups and consolidated companies, collaborates in some media and writes in his personal blog.

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